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Sheepskin Specials!!!




Special Deals on Sheepskin

Sheepskin Rugs On Sale On this page are featured products that we can offer at a discount for bargain shoppers. These may include items identical to our first-line merchandise but that are available in colors or sizes that are in limited quantity, or are being closed out. Or they may be items that, while offering very good quality, are still not able to be sold as first-grade merchandise. In any case, browse the listings, and see if something strikes your fancy. Please Note: The products on this page are NOT REFUNDABLE OR EXCHANGEABLE. Also, inventory changes rapidly. These listings are updated as often as possible. However it is possible that a particular rug listed may no longer be available. In such cases we will notify you as soon as possible with whatever alternate selections there may be. Definitions: Gold Star: Our top grade quality sheepskin for either rugs or pillows Bronze Star: A mid-Grade of sheepskin from younger sheep. The fur is whiter, the pile depth is a little shorter at 2 inches, and the pelts are a few inches smaller than the Gold Star Autumn Lamb: Sheepskin pelts that cannot be sold as first-grade Gold Star pelts. These are pelts with minor flaws. For example, the fur may be slightly less dense or long as the Gold Star.