Interlocking Squares Alpaca Rug Adds Warmth to South Carolina Home

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Interlocking Squares pattern rugs and pillows in alpaca fur

The Interlocking Squares design has been a perennial favorite with our customers for as long as I can remember. I think it has a number of things going for it. First of all, it's a geometric design that, while bold and arresting, is simple enough to not overwhelm other furnishings. Secondly, the design has 4 major areas that can each have a contrasting fur color to maintain interest and to key into other room colors. And it doesn't hurt that it has matching pillows in both the 16x24 and 24x32 sizes.

One client had us make them a custom Interlocking Squares rug with matching pillows (below). That client customized both the sizes of the rug and pillows, and the colors. You can read more details about this rug and pillow set on our Custom Alpaca Page, about halfway down.

custom matching rug and pillows set in alpaca fur

David from York, South Carolina wanted one of these rugs to replace an old one in front of his fireplace. "We have had an alpaca rug for many, many years," he explained. "It seems to my wife and I that it just makes our home feel more homey and comfortable."

"My daughter grew up with an alpaca rug in our home and when I needed to replace my old one she said it just did not seem like our place anymore without the rug. Our grandchildren have always loved them and when we have friends over the first thing they notice is the rug and they cannot believe how soft it is."

brown border fur alpaca rug in Interlocking Squares design

The above picture shows David's rug in his living room. He wanted one with a brown border, and I was able to find one he liked from our stock on hand. Since each rug is artisan-made and somewhat unique, we try to keep several in each rug size so that customers can get what they need (and if we don't have it, specific colors can always be special-ordered from Peru). In this application David and his wife have placed the rug over existing carpet. Layering different hues and textures is an effective way of avoiding excessive detail while adding coziness and warmth.

Have you used a fur rug in your living room or den? Please share your experiences with us in our Comments section!

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