Superman Themed Area Rug Provides Powerful Inspiration

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Custom Superman Alpaca Rug in Living Room>

Almost everybody likes Superman. At least it seems so to me. People read the comics, go see the Superman movies, or perhaps just like the idea that someone is out there, righting wrongs. If you do have a soft spot for Superman, then I think you will like this custom alpaca rug that we made recently for a doctor in New Orleans.

When Brandon called me with his idea for a rug that would speak to his feeling about caring for people, I was thrilled. It was a bit of a change from the kinds of projects that people typically ask us to do. And I felt sure that we could make him a rug that would be a powerful statement for him. He didn’t have a specific requirement about size, he just knew what he wanted it to say. That was good, because when fur is the medium, a certain size is helpful to get the details to look right, especially letters.

Brandon wanted the rug for in front of his fireplace, so I knew we couldn’t go too big. We eventually agreed on a 5 x 6 size, which I felt would not overpower his living room, and yet provide enough room on the rug to create impact. A picture frame border was added to set off the strong design, which Brandon enhanced by his choice of bold, primary colors. In the pictures you can see how the red in the rug ties into the upholstery accents on the couch and ottoman.

I know Brandon was excited about getting the rug, because he contacted us several times to see how it was coming along. This excitement must have leaked down to our facility in Peru, because they sent me a picture of the rug as soon as it was done (see below).

Custom Superman Alpaca Rug in our Facility in Lima>

I was pretty excited, but I kept that picture and did not send it down to Brandon. I wanted him to get the full impact of the rug when it arrived at his home in New Orleans. After he got it, Brandon sent us a simple email, saying only “Love my rug!!!!!”

Custom Themed Alpaca Fur Rug

What do you think about this design strategy? What would you have done differently? Leave us your comments below!

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