Matching Flower Rug Set in Alpaca Fur Rocks Traditional Bedroom

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mosaic of multicolor flower alpaca fur rugs>

To most people in this world, alpaca is a big mystery. I mean, they don't know if it's an animal, vegetable or mineral. Once they get hold of some though, it's a different story. People familiar with alpaca always seem to want to have it around. So I'm regularly replacing people's 30 year old rugs, lost rugs, burnt rugs, etc.

Vicki from Flemington, New Jersey had a 30 year old alpaca rug that her parents had given her in years past. It had seen better days and Vickie was looking for a similar design to replace it. After a few months research she found us, and our round Multicolor Flower rugs . The Flower is a nice design, because there is lots of opportunity in its many petals to showcase a variety of beautiful alpaca colors. As you may already know dear reader, alpaca comes naturally in an amazing range of colors. Our artisans are skilled at combining these natural colors together in compelling ways.

For her replacement rug, Vicki wanted colors similar to the ones in her old one. 

A quick scan of our inventory showed that a special order would be needed to get those colors for her. She wanted a white border and petals of black, tan, dark brown, and light brown. And as we discussed her options Vickie decided that a matching rectangular rug for next to her bed would be just the thing to go with the round one. As it happens, a lot of our customers buy alpaca rugs in order to have something soft to step onto in the morning. It gives a cozy feeling and provides a decorative touch for the bedroom.

custom alpaca fur rug with flower pattern

For Vicki we made a white rectangular rug, just 20in x 31in in size, with a multi-color flower design centered in the middle. The colors were matched with the round 5ft Multicolor Flower rug since they were going to be in the same visual space. Vicki indicated that her bedroom was traditional, so we included a picture frame border on the smaller one, as shown here.

Vicki sent me a couple of pictures of the rugs in her room, which I have included in this post. I think they look great on that wood floor and fit right in with her flowery traditional decor. Vicki also sent us a nice compliment:

"I am VERY happy with the quality of both rugs and the help that was provided. They were very quick to answer emails and work out the details of the design with me. And the new rugs look great in my bedroom! "

custom round multicolor flower alpaca fur rug

Tell us about how you have met similar needs in your own bedroom, and what success you have had (add comments below). We want to hear from you!

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