Lost Incan Treasure - Found at Last!

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Inca Wheel with Special Colors in Living Room

I have noticed that while people may own many things, there are always a few possessions that are especially prized over others. Maybe they are exceptionally useful, or beautiful, or hold sentimental value. Often they are things that simply evoke a special time or place in one’s life. And when they are lost, there can be a strong desire to replace them. I know that in this business we often get requests to replace rugs that were lost for one reason or another.

Rosia from Nashville, Tennessee, had for years owned a round Alpaca rug from Peru. She had purchased it in Pigeon Forge and it meant a lot to her, so when it was lost, she naturally wanted to replace it. The store in Pigeon Forge was out of business, so she spent 3 years on and off, searching the internet for one similar. Finally, she found our website and saw there an Inca Wheel pattern round rug that seemed a direct match for her old one. When she called us at SoftRugs though, I had to tell her that our Alpaca rugs are all handmade in Peru from pelts on hand. Consequently, no two have the exact same coloration. We had no white-bordered Inca Wheels like the one shown on our website, in stock. Typically we never know what Lima is going to send us next, so there was no predicting when we would get one in!

We do take special orders though, and so we sent a request down to Peru with a picture of the rug she had set her heart on. Our designers had no trouble with the colors she wanted. When the rug arrived at SoftRugs, I knew she was going to love it, because it looked just like the picture. I will use Rosia’s words to tell the rest:

'Once the rug arrived I was totally happy and completely satisfied. Everyone who has visited my home since I placed the rug in my Living Room loves it and wants to know where I got it from. My grandkids, along with other kids that visit, love this rug and just want to lay and roll on it because of its unique softness. I have to constantly try to keep them off of it. I truly love this rug and the cost was very reasonable. It gives my Living Room a very attractive and elegant look'


Round Alpaca Fur Rug in Custom Colors

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