Special Use for Soft Suri Alpaca Pillows in Houston High Rise

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Pet dog takes a break on gray Suri Alpaca Pillow

Deborah from Houston wanted some gray alpaca pillows recently. As it happens we have them in both Huacaya, which is the most prevalent Alpaca breed, but also in Suri, which is less common. We were sold out of the gray Huacaya, so I was hoping she would like the Suri. Deborah ended up getting the Suri in both 20in round Cool Gray and 16x24 Blue-Gray.

Deborah was kind enough to send us some photos of how she was using them in her high rise. As you can see, the pillows have found favor with Basia, her doggie. Looks as if Basia really enjoys relaxing on them, and they didn't need to be stuffed either!

Deborah tells me that Basia had been scratching the chairs in her husband’s office, but now that she has the pillows, the scratching has stopped. I hope that doesn’t wear off! I’m not sure if the pillows were bought for her, but they definitely belong to Basia now!

White dog laying on white alpaca pillow

Deborah wanted to know if I thought her dog was spoiled. The answer is YES!! It looks as if she’s the boss around the high rise, so it’s very fitting that she gets pouffy fur pillows to sleep on… Actually we sell a lot of alpaca pillows and rugs for people’s pets. It's easy to understand if they are all as cute as Basia!

See more Suri Alpaca Pillows on our website, SoftRugs.com.

Cute pet dog with alpaca

What special things do you do for your pet? Leave us your comments below!"

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