Modern Aztec Alpaca Rug Finds Home On the Road in Australia

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modern aztec pattern alpaca fur rug

I first talked to Baz in Queensland, Australia a few months ago. He and his wife Annie were looking for a fur rug. This in itself was not unusual. We sell quite a bit of Alpaca to people in Australia. In fact I think we sell more there than any other country outside the US.

We even sell sheepskin rugs and pillows down there, which is amazing since our sheepskin pelts originate from Australia and New Zealand. But due to economic forces which I do not understand, it sometimes makes sense for them to buy from elsewhere. Often though, the sheepskin is bulky enough to force us into shipping methods that drive the cost up, so it usually makes sense just for the smaller sheepskin rugs. Alpaca is lighter and less bulky , so we do ship a lot to Australia, up to a certain size.

The unusual part of this (at least to me) was that they wanted to use the rug in the back living room of their 5th wheel trailer. mobile home for Modern Aztec Alpaca Fur RugI think this is a first for us. I don't recall any other customer wanting to take their rugs on the road with them. But it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. If you are going to be traveling a lot, you might as well enjoy some plush comfort while you do . Baz was nice enough to send me a picture of his 5th wheel, which honestly looks larger than a lot of people's permanent homes!

Baz and Annie were interested in two sizes, our Jumbo at 5ft6in x 6ft8in and Regular Size at 4ft x 5ft4in. To make their choice easier, I was able to send them pictures of the two Modern Aztec rugs we had in stock that I thought would suit them best. This really raises the comfort level when you are ordering from over 9000 miles away! 

Baz and Annie were initially leaning towards the larger one, but eventually settled on the 4 x 5ft4. It had a dark border, which they wanted and would realistically fit better in their back living room than the Jumbo would. Below is a shot of their rug in its new home . I think you will agree that the size of the Aztec fits the space nicely and the dark border makes a good contrast with the light carpet beneath.

geometric design alpaca rug used in RV

If you're curious as to how Baz and Annie are enjoying the rug in their luxurious mobile living room, make a comment below, and we will forward it to Baz and Annie down under!

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