Custom Rhombus Rug in Alpaca Fur: a "No Worries" Project

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Assorted pictures of Rhombus pattern alpaca rugs and pillows

Sometimes the most inspired results come out of nowhere. I mean, ordinarily you might assume that a great-looking custom rug would come from years of experience and a flash of creative insight, coupled with a dozen design iterations. At least, that's the way I usually think. But I have to admit, sometimes you just get lucky. 

When Hector from Tampa called us about a custom alpaca rug, there wasn't a very long consultation. He seemed to know exactly what he wanted already: An irregularly-shaped rug incorporating our stock Rhombus pattern that we use on both pillows and rugs. He was very ready to get going on this project, and I found myself in the odd position of being the one to be cautious and slow things down. Because there's always the chance for miscommunication in any creative endeavor, plus I always like to feel I am giving the client all the options available to them.

So we went back and forth over a few emails, making sure we agreed on the meaning of "irregular", and getting the background and pattern colors right. Still, I was amazed at how relaxed Hector was about it. Everything was OK with him. Maybe he just knew it would work out. Anyway, you can see the result below. Feel free to comment on it in the comments section below and tell us what you think.

custom Huacaya alpaca fur rug with Rhombus pattern

Hector's rug uses natural beige alpaca fur, carved into a free-form shape to fit within a 4ft x 5ft4in rectangle. A Rhombus design in the same size we use for our stock rugs is roughly centered within the shape. 

What makes this rug work is the tension between its free-flowing outline and the strict geometric pattern within. These opposites are tempered by harmonious colors that link the outside with the inside. Notice how the center of the Rhombus uses naturally-varying beige like the outside. The Rhombus seems to float on a cloudy beige cushion, evoking relaxation and release.

Hector's use of a stock design and size saved him a patterning fee, while his choice of a free-form outline ensured he would have a completely unique design piece for his home. Way to go Hector!

Do you have strong feelings about this rug? Leave us your comments below!"

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