Using Borders to Jazz Up a Classic White Fur Rug

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Geometric Borders for use with custom alpaca fur rugs

White rugs are a perennial classic. We sell more plain white fur rugs than any other kind. And this holds true for our stock rugs as well as for custom orders. The reason for this I believe, is that white is so versatile. It complements many decorative styles, and is a classic and luxurious look that has stood the test of time.

It is also, I may dare to say, a safe choice for people ordering perhaps their first fur rug, sight unseen. I can understand this caution, but I sometimes feel that our clients are missing out by not exploring all the options available to them.

And so I was very pleased one day, to get a call from someone interested in a custom white rug, but with a decorative border (gasp). This is a fairly inexpensive option that most people do not consider. It can add distinction to a plain white rug, and can often be accomplished with minimal patterning fees. The image at the top of this article depicts a few simple patterns that would work well in this application. With fur, it's smart to keep a simple design, so that the details can be rendered effectively.

Our client, Laura from Mountain View, CA, actually had a similar rug already. It was the focal point of her family room, and was the prized possession in that room; but due to years of use it now needed to be replaced. In replacing it, size would not be an issue, since with a  custom rug the exact size can be exactly matched. The pattern of course, would also have to be replicated.

Worn Alpaca fur rug with chevron borderLaura supplied a picture of her rug (left), and I was confident that we could replicate it for her. As you can see in the picture, the original border looks to be a reddish-brown, which is a common alpaca fur color . In any case we have developed a custom dye in that color (mink brown), so matching it would be no problem. Laura was concerned about the patterning fees, but as it turned out, we were able to implement the pattern with minimal additional cost.

Here are a couple of pictures of the custom rug we made for her. The pattern is simple enough to be rendered crisply in fur, and brings focus to the entire piece. Laura's family room is more formal than not, so the picture frame border surrounding the chevron design is appropriate for, and complementary to the room.

Alpaca fur rug with chevron border in mink brown

What do you think about white fur rugs? Do you find them appealing or boring? Where have you used them effectively? We welcome your comments, which can be made below!

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