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Alpaca & Sheepskin Rugs




We sell both Alpaca and Sheepskin Rugs.

Alpaca Rugs

Alpaca rugs in animal designs and geometric designs, imported from Peru. These artisan-made, ultrasoft Alpaca rugs are designed to provide the ultimate in luxurious comfort for your home. Alpaca is unparalleled for luxurious softness. These sexy fur rugs are so soft, they make lounging on the floor, couch or bed a truly sensuous pleasure.

Check out our many design patterns. If you find a design you like, but need a different color scheme to complement your decor, we can often custom-make one for you. Alpaca fur occurs naturally in over 22 different colors, and can be dyed as well. For details on our custom area rugs and wall-hangings, please see our Custom Alpaca Area Rugs Page.

Please Note: Our Alpaca rugs are handmade from natural Alpaca fur and all of our rugs are beautiful! However, they can and will vary in colors and design details (see our Alpaca Variations page). If you have specific design needs, and wish to guarantee specific features, such as a dark border, give us a call and we will try to help you. A $25 fee per customization will apply.

Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin today has more uses and is used in more products than ever before. Colored and handcrafted in a subtle mix of designs and hues, the world’s finest natural sheepskin creates a feeling of luxury and style in the homes of today. Covering a bed, thrown over your favorite sofa or simply placed on the floor, these premium Bowron sheepskin products bring comfort, texture and color to interior styles from the contemporary to the traditional. Please consider a large sheepskin rug as an option for yourself, your child, or your friends and relatives. For details on our custom area rugs and wall-hangings, please see our Custom Sheepskin Area Rugs Page.

We ship international to many countries outside the U.S.!!
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