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8 Tips on Placing Area Rugs


Whether you're moving into a new room or renovating, you'll need to decide out where all of your furniture will go. One of the most crucial tasks in arranging your furniture is determining the proper placement of any area rugs you intend to use. Rugs have mystical properties.

• They have the power to tie together a room and color scheme

• Infuse color into an otherwise bland room

• Help tone down a congested space

• They may be used to separate huge spaces into cozier regions in the loft and open plan living spaces and depending on their size and placement.

• They can make a room feel smaller or more expansive.

• They're not just for cold flooring; they're also great for carpeted spaces.

Rugs are an excellent substitute for or addition to wall-to-wall carpeting. They bring softness and coziness to carpeted floor bedrooms, especially where mattresses from mattress sales are placed while also providing additional protection to your bedroom flooring or carpet. They're especially useful in high-traffic areas like corridors and family rooms.

But, once you've decided, what style and size will you go with, and most importantly, where and how do you put it? There are numerous types to consider, including modern, geometric, patterned, or neutral, as well as the ever-popular kilim and oriental kinds and the texture of the rug, which ranges from flat weave to knotted and from tufted to hooked to begin. These styles are very much up to the individual's taste and what complements their home, but there are few guidelines you need to follow regarding where and how to position them.

Rugs for the Living Room

Less is not always more when it comes to living room carpets. Smaller rugs make a space feel congested and cramped, but larger carpets make a room appear more streamlined and expansive. Place the rug in the middle of the living room and place the front legs of your sofa and armchairs on it as well. This results in a cleaner, more appealing appearance. When selecting a rug for your living room, it's crucial to consider your lifestyle. For example, if you have pets and children, a shaggy or wool rug may be more practical than one made of satin fibers.

Rugs for Dining Room

The feeling of sitting at the dining table is fundamentally what a rug in the dining room is all about. You'll want to place the rug in the middle of your dining table and make sure it's large enough to fit all of the seats. You want your dining chairs to always sit nicely on your rug, even when they're pulled out. There's nothing worse than a wobbly chair or, for that matter, a wobbly table! To avoid this, make sure the rug you buy is flat; this will also make cleaning easier if food or drink is spilled on it. Avoid sheepskin, shaggy, and hickory rugs. Kitchen Rugs Kitchen carpets, believe it or not, have grown in popularity over the last year, with Persian-inspired runners becoming a global favorite. They help turn kitchens from a working to a living room, making the space much warmer and more appealing.

Bedroom Rugs


Most ordinary bedrooms with a conventional double bed work well with 810 carpets (7.8 feet). This allows the rug to practically go beneath the bed, giving the impression of greater space in the room. If you're going to wrap a rug around your bed, you should leave about a half-meter between the rug and the outer wall.

Position your bed in the center of the rug as if the rug goes beneath your bed, so that the protruding borders work as a picture frame. This is because having too much on one side might make the entire area appear lopsided. If you have several rugs in one area, there is some debate about whether they should all match or if you should mix them up.

There is no right or incorrect answer here; you simply need to know when to employ which. If you want to use the same rug in a room numerous times, buying rugs with a bit of a bold design on them is an easy way to avoid appearing too safe. That way, the pattern will be repeated over the room area, but the uniformed flow will not overwhelm the space being utilized. One thing to bear in mind while laying a rug in any room? Keep in mind that rugs can produce an optical illusion, so make the most of it.