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About Sheepskin




Most people are quite aware that wool is made from the fleece of sheep, and that wool is then used to create fine clothing. And most people own some wool clothing and appreciate how nice it can be. Fewer people though, are familiar with the sheepskin itself (the pelt with fur attached), and the many ways that sheepskin can enhance their life. Sheepskin pelts are made into fine rugs, bed coverings, pillows, bed underlays, shoes, and seat covers, among many other things. The almost magical qualities of sheepskin make it ideal for these purposes. No natural or man-made fiber possesses the virtues of 100% sheepskin. These natural fibers breathe like no synthetic can, creating a natural thermostatic effect that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And being hollow, each fiber can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without seeming wet (cotton absorbs only 8%). This helps to keep you warm and dry, regardless of the weather. Sheepskin is impossible to create synthetically, and offers an amazing range of natural qualities:

  • Sheepskin wool does not shed, because it's attached to the leather. It's not woven and then brushed up, like wool pile fabric.
  • Ounce for ounce, sheepskin is stronger than steel! Sheepskin products will last for years with minimum care, by brushing and shaking them out, or by vacuuming.
  • Naturally resists snags, tears, wrinkles, soiling and pilling.
  • Drapes elegantly, never sags and retains its shape
  • Is water resistant, static free, flame resistant, and wind proof. Wool is widely recognized as the least flammable fabric in common use.
  • Is dirt and bacteria resistant. For centuries people have noticed that its natural lanolin provides a self-cleaning quality when hung in fresh air.
  • Contains natural moisturizers such as lanolin that make the fur marvelously soft against your skin.
  • Wool is naturally non-allergenic and biodegradable. Wool requires no factory or chemicals to produce it and is a self-replenishing natural product. Sheepskin has a deep, dense pile that can provide a great deal of body support. This makes it ideal for bed underlays, car and wheelchair seat covers. The cushioning pile composed of millions of naturally springy fibers moves with body motions and distributes body weight evenly, minimizing "hot spots" that can lead to bed sores and reducing restlessness. This gives comfort to those confined to one position for long periods of time. Air, circulating through the pile provides a cooling effect, and yet at the same time, the hollow wool fibers make for warmth in cold weather, helping to keep body temperatures stable year-round. In medical situations, sheepskin is able to absorb sweat immediately and return it to the air seven times faster than synthetics. Sheepskin also activates the blood circulation and the immune system, supporting muscle relaxation, regeneration of the body and avoiding chills. Its naturally occurring lanolin is similar to the natural substances found in human skin. For this reason it is gentle on the skin, and helps heal sensitive or inflamed skin or rashes. Sheepskin is quite easy to care for too. It's washable by hand or by machine, and can also be brushed and dry-cleaned. Small spills can be spot cleaned with just a little dish lotion and water. Most dust, dirt and spills remain on the upper surface of the sheepskin wool fibers and are easily removed. Regular maintenance consists of simple vacuuming. Occasional shaking out also removes loose dirt and dust and helps restore the fleece to its original fluffy condition. Sheepskin is also extremely durable, and with proper care will last a lifetime.