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Alpaca Rug and Pillow Sizes




Grande size rugs are 6ft x 7ft (1.8m x 2.1m). This size rug is a bold statement in any room and will definitely make their presence felt. They can be used in foyers and living rooms to enhance a feeling of luxury and comfort.  They can also be used in more private spaces such as the master bedroom, if the room is large enough for it. A dramatic statement for any larger floor area.


Jumbo size rugs are 5ft6in x 6ft8in (1.67m x 2m). While generously-sized, we have seen them used effectively as wall hangings in medium to large size rooms. We have also seen them attractively deployed under dining tables and coffee tables in larger living rooms. They can be used everywhere a Grande size is used, for situations where the Grande is too large for the space.


Full Size rugs are 4ft x 5ft4in (1.2m x 1.6m) or 5ft (1.5M) diameter round. This is our most popular and versatile size and can be used in front of fireplaces, small to regular size sofas, and in other conversation areas. It is often used as a wall hanging in stairwells and living rooms and as a decorative focal point for beds or futons. Their generous size also make these an imaginative alternative to a bear-skin rug for your fireplace area.


Medium Size rugs are 2ft8in x 4ft (.8m x 1.2m) or 3ft8in (1.1m) diameter round. The versatile full-size can be used as a throw rug in small-to-medium size conversation areas, halls, and bedrooms. It can be hung attractively as a tapestry in most normal-sized rooms such as bedrooms, dens, and game rooms. A natural compromise between size and dramatic effect.


Our Small Size rugs are 24in x 32 in (.6m x .8m) are also large-size pillows! This size is great in front of individual chairs, or more commonly on the chair or couch, on a bed, or in a baby room as a pillow. A zippered backing and lined interior enable them to be stuffed, creating an over-large pillow that becomes a significant decorative element. This would also be a great size for gift-giving.


Our Small Pillows are 16in x 24in (.4m x .6m). This is still a very good size pillow and very soft. These pillows are great for accents in sitting areas and on beds as well. 


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