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Custom Sheepskin Rugs & Pillows





Custom Sheepskin Rugs, Pillows, and Bedspreads

Our skilled artisans can execute designs and handiwork that others are unable or unwilling to attempt. Whether you are simply looking for a special size or color scheme, or if you have something truly unique in mind, let us show you what we can do! In many cases the additional cost will be modest, and items made with your own involvement will always hold a special significance. Custom made rugs are a SoftRugs tradition!

Here's how to get started: Step 1: Choose your size:

Bedspreads, rugs, and pillows in any size, for any room in your home or office. mosaiccustomsheepskin2.jpg


Step2: Choose your shape and style:


  • Sheepskin Rugs in many shapes such as square, rectangular, round, flower, oval, half-moon,  or octagonal.
  • Multiple naturally-shaped pelts sewn together for a freeform appearance.
  • Pillows in any size and shape, single or double-sided.

Other Options:

  • Borders: Your longwool area rug can be framed with a proportionally-sized border of shortwool for added emphasis.
  • Longwool or Shortwool: Longwool rugs are made from unshorn pelts, so that the fur length varies, creating a more naturalistic appearance. Shortwool pelts are shorn to a uniform length for a more contemporary look.
  • Alternate Shortwool/Longwool Shortwool strips can be used as dividers between Longwool sections to define an area or to achieve a "channel-cut" effect.


  • Backings: Pillows and rugs can be backed with a variety of materials for specific applications. A bedspread for example would take a soft backing fabric.
  • Designs: Created by sewing individually shaped pieces together to create a pattern. These patterns can be one solid color or each piece dyed different colors to make a complete design.

Step 3: Choose your colors

Our sheepskin is naturally beautiful. It can also be dyed in our 17 Longwool and 12 Shortwool colors. (Click on color chart below to expand it (use Internet Explorer as your browser if it does not display properly).).  mosaicussheepskincolors.jpg Custom sheepskin rugs can also be made in Bowron Longwool colors as shown below. Give us a call or email, and we will be glad to discuss your color options with you. mosaicbowroncolors.jpg

Step 4: Call (or email) one of our Customer Service Reps for a design consultation. Find out what's possible!

Obviously, many design variations are possible. We would be glad to discuss options with you and work up an estimate for any particular design. Please call or email us with your ideas, and we will be glad to assist you! We also work with design professionals to produce their custom Sheepskin designs for varied projects in homes, clubs, lodges,  executive suites or anywhere else you wish to enhance with incomparable Australian and New Zealand Sheepskin. Please Note: Our policy is to offer the same low prices to everyone. Therefore designer discounts are not available. For most custom-designed rugs such as these, expect 3-8 weeks for delivery. In addition, please be aware that custom items require pre-payment and, due to their personalized nature, are non-returnable.

Some design ideas...


  • Dining Room: The above custom longwool rug was made for a client to fit a specific dining set and room. To achieve the desired effect, it was important to consider the size of the table as well as the distance of the chairs from the table while dining and the space between the rug and the surrounding walls.
  • A custom design in a color scheme of your choice. Rugs, pillows, wall-hangings or bedspreads can be made to your specifications. We can even do your favorite sports or company logos. We will be thrilled to consider your ideas! Just send us a drawing or photo, or give us a call. We will be glad to help you come up with a color scheme to match your decor. Or if you've seen a rug elsewhere that has the perfect design, just send us a picture and let our skilled artisans realize it for you in deep, soft sheepskin.
  • White(no pattern) rugs and bedspreads in shades ranging from ivory to beige.
  • Custom color schemes for any rug we sell to fulfill your specific decorating needs.
  • White on White designs such as Interlocking Squares, Puffs, and Cubic Illusion.
  • An existing design within a solid color frame. Bedspreads/comforters and rugs can enclose a pattern within a single-color border. These items can be also be backed with a softer cotton or with a jacquard material.
  • Christmas tree skirts made from soft, luxuriant sheepskin.
  • Geometric patterns with or without borders.
  • Pillows to match your rug or bedspread purchase.
  • In addition to our stock pillows, custom pillows can be made to order to match your other selections, either with patterns or solid colors. mosaicsheepskin4.jpg


We will be happy to take your order personally, or answer any questions you may have. Find out what's possible!

Contact us Toll Free at 1-877-658-9879, by Email: customerservice@softrugs.com or simply fill out the question form below.

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