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Custom Alpaca Rugs & Pillows

Custom Alpaca Rugs




It's so easy to have custom rugs, pillows, bedspreads and throws made for you from soft, luxuriant Alpaca!

Our skilled artisans can execute designs and handiwork that most others are unable or unwilling to attempt. Whether you are simply looking for a special size or color scheme, or if you have something truly unique in mind, let us show you what we can do! In many cases the additional cost will be modest, and items made with your own involvement will always hold a special significance. Custom made rugs are a SoftRugs tradition! Review the design options on this page; then call or email us to discuss your project today (877-658-9879 or customerservice@softrugs.com).

Here's how to get started: Step 1: Choose your size

We can make alpaca rugs, pillows, wall-hangings and bedspreads in  any size, for any room in your home, office, or lodge. We have created custom alpaca area rugs as large as 17ft x 17ft, and pillows as small as 16in x 24in. See our Bedspreads page for stock and custom sizes in alpaca bed coverings.

Custom Greek Key Alpaca Rug

Step 2: Choose your shape

Rugs and pillows can be made in most any shape and size, including:

  • Rugs: Square, Rectangular, Round, Oval, Octagonal, Half-Moon, and Free-form
  • Pillows: Round, Square, Rectangular, Tubular

Custom Alpaca Rugs in assorted shapes

Step 3: Choose your colors

Alpaca comes naturally in any number of shades and colors, from white, silver, creams, and ivories, to many browns, reds, grays, and total black. We can execute beautiful designs for you in these colors, but solid color rugs (except ivory) are usually dyed, due to the difficulty of obtaining enough similarly colored pelts in harmonious tones. Luckily we have extensive experience dyeing alpaca. Our years of research and specialized equipment allow us to dye without harming the leather or shortening rug life.  Currently, we dye alpaca in Black, Cool Gray, Gray, Warm Gray, Charcoal, Espresso, Mink-Brown, Beige, and Cream, . Using these dyes we can produce beautiful fur rugs in any size, while still displaying the natural patterns inherent in the fur, since each fur fiber takes the dye a little differently (see below).

SAMPLES: Sample color swatches are available for $12 ,which will be refunded upon sample return.


Custom Dyed Colors

(In addition to the naturalistic tones shown above, we now dye in Red, Green or Blue as well) Red, Green, and Blue Alpaca Dye Colors

Step 4: Call (or email) one of our Customer Service Reps at 1-877-658-9879

Obviously, many design variations are possible. Do take a look at our Custom Projects Showcase for design ideas. We would be glad to discuss options with you and work up an estimate for any particular design. Please call or email us with your ideas, and we will be glad to assist you! We also work with registered design professionals to produce their custom Alpaca designs for varied projects in homes, clubs, lodges,  executive suites or anywhere else you wish to enhance with Peruvian Alpaca. Please Note: Our pricing policy is to offer the same low prices to everyone, so designer discounts are not available. For most custom-designed rugs such as these, expect 4-8 weeks for delivery. In addition, please be aware that custom items require pre-payment and, due to their personalized nature, are non-returnable.

More Custom Design Ideas..

Custom alpaca rugs in lion and logo motifs

A custom design in a color scheme of your choice.

Rugs, pillows, wall-hangings or bedspreads can be made to your specifications. We can even do your favorite sports or company logos. We will be thrilled to consider your ideas! Just send us a drawing or photo, or give us a call. We will be glad to help you come up with a color scheme to match your decor. Or if you've seen a rug elsewhere that has the perfect design, just send us a picture and let our skilled artisans realize it for you in silky soft alpaca.

Custom Size Interlocking Squares with Matching Custom Size Pillows

Pillows to match your rug or bedspread purchase

In addition to our stock pillows which feature many of our rug designs, custom pillows can be made to order in any size to match your other selections, either with patterns or solid colors, and with a decorative border or without. The above rug and matching pillow set is a re-working of our stock Interlocking Squares pattern. The rug is a custom size (6ft x 6ft rather then the standard 4ft x 5ft4in), and the matching pillows are also a custom 14in x 16in size. Rhombus rug with Irregular Shape

Re-Use of stock pattern

For the unique rug above, one of our stock patterns (Rhombus) is reproduced without the usual border, and the normally rectangular rug is instead given a freeform shape. Read about this project in the SoftRugs Newsletter. Octagonal starburst pattern alpaca rug with Custom Gray Alpaca Rug

Imaginative accent pieces

The rug on the left (above) is our stock Starburst pattern for 20in round pillows embedded in an octagonal black border. Our client came up with this imaginative idea and we were quite happy with the result. The rug on the right is about 30in across and was created from natural gray pelts. Natural gray is quite rare, so it took some time to get enough gray to make this piece. The brown spotting seen in the middle of this accent rug is typical of natural gray alpaca. Custom White Alpaca Rug with Chevron Border

Custom Borders

The beautiful white custom rug above was given a distinctive chevron border in mink brown at our customer's request. Read about the creation of this rug in our SoftRugs Newsletter. The project turned out quite well, and was not difficult to do. We were very pleased with the result, as was the client.



White(no pattern) rugs and bedspreads,

...in shades ranging from ivory to beige.


White Puffs Alpaca Rug

White on White Designs

...such as Interlocking Squares, Puffs, and Cubic Illusion. Read about how our clients have decorated with white fur rugs in the SoftRugs Newsletter.

We will be happy to take your order personally, or answer any questions you may have. Find out what's possible!

Contact us Toll Free at 1-877-658-9879, by Email: customerservice@softrugs.com or simply fill out the question form below.

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